About Global Career Exchange

We provide the participant assistance with:

  • A DS 2019 Form  
  • A high quality placement in the the USA
  • Assistance with housing:, but please note: We do not make housing or roommate recommendations, as that decision is made solely by the Intern.
  • Travel assistance to USA and Orientation
  • Emergency support in USA: However, 911 is the first number to call in the event of a police or medical issue.
Global Career Exchange Inc is a J-1 Intern Sponsor 
For information on reverse exchanges, please contact us. 

Program Fees:
  • Depends on Location,  and Length of Program ~ $800 to 1300 is paid to GCE for your DS sponsorhip
  • Additional Fees: 
  • Health Insurance paid on your behalf  in advance is currently $1.23 per day if you have Global Secutive Travel Insurance and is paid in advance for exact dates of DS 2019
  • The amount of insurance paid on your behalf  is $1.23 times the number of days in your program. 
  • Interns are responsible to remit any increase in permium within 10 days of notice by GCE if travel Health insurance company increases premiums
  • SEVIS $180
  • Embassy Appointment Fee $160
  • No charge for Travel Validation, except for courier fees
  • Courier fees to send DS form
  • Fees in excess of  the GCE DS fee ( $1000-1300)and insurance ($1.23 times days of program) are the excess fee paid by you to your agent.
*Some Host Locations require an additional $250 site visit fee, if they are
not an already approved as  J 1 site.
Program Fee Refund Policy:
Program Fee Refund Policy:
Cancellation Fees
•Withdrawals after issuance of DS 2019 receive program fees less
In the event of a Visa denial participants receive a refund less
Withdrawals after issuance of Visa will not receive a refund.
*Refunds will be less any bank, courier charges.
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Contact Us: Calvert@globalcareerexchange.com