Exchange Vistors may choose any health insurance policy that meets US State Department Regulations.  
Global Career Exchange has two health insurance options available to participants.  Although not required to use these options, you must use a company that meets US State Department Guidelines. 

Health Insurance Explained 

 Your Health Insurance Policy is for the exact dates of your DS 2019 only*
 •Health Insurance Covers Accidents or Injuries- Read your policy
•Health Insurance Does not cover pre-existing conditions or on-the-job injuries. 
On-the-job injuries are covered by Employers Workers Compensation. (If injured on the job, you must report this immediately to your supervisor and Global Career Exchange.) 
•You are responsible for a Deductible and/or Co-Pay for each accident or illness. (This means that there is an amount that you must pay and the insurance covers the a percentage of the amount over and above your deductible.)
•Read your policy for information and for submitting claims. Call the your insurance company if you have questions.
 •Always carry your insurance ID card with you.
Hospital stays and/or surgery must be approved in advance.
•You are responsible for any increase in cost, or premium of the health insurance once in country and the increase in premium must be paid to the Sponsor within  5 days of receipt of invoice.
*PLEASE NOTE: If you arrive prior to your DS 2019 start date OR stay in the country after your DS 2019 end date, you should consider purchasing your own additional travel/health insurance. 
 "Sponsors must inform all exchange visitors that they, and any accompanying spouse and dependent(s), also may be subject to the requirements of the Affordable Care Act." [22 CFR 62.14(a)]

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